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Torchwood Finder List--Ianto/Other Men
Torchwood Landscape
This request, originally posted in February 2009, was for stories in which Ianto is with another male character who is not Jack (aka Ianto/OMCWINJ :)). Since then, I've seen several requests for different pairings in the list, so I decided it would be useful to update and expand the original.

Because all the individual pairings already have their own tags on Delicious, this whole list will be tagged under storyfinder:iantoothermennotjack. The stories that feature pairings with other Torchwood or Doctor Who characters will be tagged under storyfinder:iantootherwhoversemen. Stories where Ianto is paired with non-Whoverse characters, including original characters, will be tagged storyfinder:iantoothermen.

Although the primary purpose of this list is to highlight stories that don't feature Jack/Ianto, the fact that it's a canon pairing means that their relationship will inevitably be referenced even in stories where Ianto is with someone else. If the Jack/Ianto relationship is ongoing or significant, I've tried to make a note of it. Some stories with multiple discrete pairings will appear under more than one pairing label.

First, have some communities:

constable_jones Ianto/PC Andy Davidson
captnsneyec Permutations of Ianto, John Hart, and Jack
halfwee_and_tea Owen/Ianto
notcannon Ianto/Tenth Doctor
tw_rarepairs Rare Torchwood pairings (Any pairing but Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen or Jack/Tenth or Ninth Doctor)
torchwood_decaf Everything except Jack/Ianto

Now, individual stories:

Ianto/PC Andy Davidson

Twisted and Broken by aeron_lanart

Blurring the Lines by beewhimsical

Consolation Prize by coffee_kris

Milk And Morrissey by cyus

A Fool Such as I by electro_club

It'll End in Tears by invisible_lift (BDSM. Also features Jack/Ianto, but many of the stories center on the relationship between Ianto and Andy. Taste for It by onebrightroad also takes place in this story's universe.)

A Year Out of Time by the_silver_sun

Ianto/John Hart

The Winehouse Principle by apiphile

The Heart of Everything by clarrisani. Sequel to Leave You and concludes in Deliver Me. (Other stories contain Jack/Ianto and Jack/John)

Blind by kelticbanshee

Of All Trades by kita0610 (Part 3 is Ianto/John)

Bitter by lefaym

Breaking Void by lefaym

The Most Wonderful Thing of All by lilithseraphim (Jack/Ianto)

Negotiations by ukcalico (Jack/Ianto)

Perihelion Variations by valderys


paperclipbitch's Owen/Ianto tag. I put this first because paperclipbitch is not only the most prolific writer of Ianto/Owen in the fandom, she's also one of the best writers in the fandom, period. I've listed a few favorites below, in case you're like me and get overwhelmed when someone says "just read everything." That said, just read everything. :)

ninberries's Owen/Ianto tag. Another "just read everything" author. Some stories feature kink and/or BDSM.

Here We Are, Dusting Down The Stars by arewewinning

Like the Wind by clarrisani

Of All Trades by kita0610 (Part 4 is Ianto/Owen)

Not Enough Hours in the Day by kohlrimmedeye

Watching and Strawberry Body Wash by lilithbint (Crossdressing)

The Road to Hell by missdeanna

Obsession by ningengirai (BDSM, Kink)

Break For Me by noxnoctisanima

If You Pass Go, Do Not Collect £200 by paperclipbitch

Like There's A Part Of Me That I Want To Get Back Again by paperclipbitch

No Sense Of Direction series by paperclipbitch

Nobody Wins Anymore series by paperclipbitch (Link goes to a set of bookmarks on Delicious)

That Old Black Magic by paperclipbitch (Jack/Ianto)

Job Description by sam_storyteller (Fourth section is Ianto/Owen)

Comfort Zone by sarka

Cigarettes and Alcohol by shadowbyrd

When the Night Is Dark by the_silver_sun

Vicarious, Or Ianto is an Asshole by snglesrvngfrend

Waiting by sunsetmog_fics

You Would Have Laughed if I'd Told You by wildestranger (Story 2 is Ianto/Owen)

Reciprocate by zinnamom

Ianto/Other Torchwood Characters


Captain by ceefax_the_sane


Nurture by 51stcenturyfox (Dub-con)

Sacrifice by the_silver_sun (Rape)


Creation of Adam by curriejean (Dub-con)

We All Fall Down by sparky77 (Dark, Rape)


Det[god]ails by amand_r

Paradox by snowwhiteliar

Ianto/Real Jack

The Torchwood Patient by misslucyjane (Jack/Ianto)


Inversion by ceefax_the_sane

Ianto/Original Male Character

For You, Anything by laeta (Multiple Male Partners, Jack/Ianto)

When Ianto Jones Was Rubbish at Making Coffee by alba17

Cappuccinos and Bacon Rolls by bertybertle

Prince of the Apple Towns by cyus

Five Times Ianto Fucks a Stranger by enemyfrigate

When and Where You Are Not by [info - personal] james (BDSM)

Attrition by Lazuli. (Although the story is ultimately Jack/Ianto, there is a significant Ianto/OMC relationship.)

New Beginnings by miss_zedem

Words that Start With W by nanfreak (Multiple Male Partners)

Collateral by silver solitaire. (Although the story is ultimately Jack/Ianto, there is a significant Ianto/OMC relationship.)

You Would Have Laughed if I'd Told You by wildestranger (Story 1 is Ianto/OMC)


Doctor Who

10 Days He Wasn't There by [info -] i_want_2 (Ianto/Eight, Ianto/Harold Saxon, Ianto/Jack)

Belonging by never_more_fics (Ultimately a Jack/Ianto/Ten story, but explores a significant Ianto/Ten [and Jack/Ten] relationship.)

What Are You Waiting For? by shadow_hive (Ianto/Ten, BDSM)

Trapped Inside With You by skellerbvvt. First in the Drug Ianto Verse (Ianto/Master, other stories feature Ianto/Ten, Jack/Ianto)

Reunions by skullgirl013 (Ianto/Ten)

You Would Have Laughed if I'd Told You by wildestranger (Story 5 has a lot of Ianto/Ten)


aeron_lanart has written a lengthy Highlander crossover series. The initial pairing is Jack/Methos and then becomes Jack/Methos/Ianto, but here are a few stories that feature Ianto/Methos:

Violent Acts of Beauty

Hiding in Waiting


Light in the Darkness

Stargate: Atlantis

Life After Lisa by josselin (Weiss Kreuz, Ianto/Ronon Dex, Ianto/Schuldig, Jack/Ianto)

The Beatles 'Verse series by skidmo_fic (Ianto/Evan Lorne)

Roses in December by skidmo_fic (Ianto/Evan Lorne)

Secrets of the Order by skidmo_fic (Ianto/Rodney McKay)

Other Crossovers

Life After Lisa by josselin (Stargate: Atlantis, Weiss Kreuz, Ianto/Ronon Dex, Ianto/Schuldig, Jack/Ianto)

Tea War by smokeringhalos (Heroes, Ianto/Mohinder)

Magic Dance by valderys (Life On Mars, Ianto/Gene Hunt)

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Thank you so much! I'll be checking these out for sure!

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